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GR8BIT Platform Technical Specifications

Specifications table is continuously updated as more and more devices are being certified for the platform.

  • MSX2 standard (fully compatible)
  • MSX2+ standard (partially compatible, full compatibility requires V9958)
  • ATX form factor
Power management
  • ATX power management compliant
  • Software power off function
  • Z80 (4-20MHz), compatible or emulation board (3.3V)
  • Multi-processor capable
Main system memory
  • 1MiB (SRAM), upgradeable to 4MiB
  • Further extensions to 1GiB (DRAM)
Video subsystem
  • V9938 VDP, 128KiB VRAM, direct video memory access
  • Composite TV output (grayscale), RGB NTSC output
Storage interfaces
  • FDD: up to two; Formats: «Standard 1.44» (9 FAT sectors), «Compatible 1.44» (3 FAT sectors) and «Legacy 720» (3 FAT sectors)
  • HDD: up to two ATA (IDE) storage devices, with max 8 logical volumes (LVOLs), 2 active at a time; built-in GR8STORM™ utility
  • Micro-SD card interface (using GR8BUS master board, read only)
  • Any compatible storage device in the external slots
Input interfaces
  • PS/2 keyboard interface (requires keyboard controller installed)
  • Compatible keyboard interface
I/O ports and interfaces
  • Seven (7) GR8BUS internal slots
  • Two (2) expandable external slots (1 and 2)
  • Two (2) GR8BUS adaptor boards for internal cartridge connection
  • Advanced printer port / parallel datacomm port
  • Two (2) compatible joystick ports / general I/O ports
Multimedia capabilities
  • 3 channel programmable sound generator
  • Tunable square waveform generator
  • Additional 5 programmable channels when using SCC
  • 8-bit Covox in parallel port
Networking capabilities
  • GR8BUS master's W5100-based interface
Software (downloadable from the internet)
  • Language pack; Languages: JA, RU, Eng; Support for PS/2 keyboard layouts. See "Downloads" section.
  • Gaming (list, database, more than 320 titles)
  • Software development (ASCII C, ASCII Assembler, BASIC, Fortran, Cobol, whatever, database)
  • Operating systems (MSX-DOS, CP/M, SymbOs)
  • Emulation (BlueMSX, OpenMSX)

GR8BIT Documentation

GR8BIT package contains a set of comprehensive documentation. Main manual is called GR8BOOK (with pictures and images), there're also your license sheets, full inventory grouped by the board and component type. It may also contain Quality and Errata sheet which lists known ways to improve your GR8BIT functionality, and prevents you from making mistakes during assembly, troubleshooting and platform operation.

GR8BIT Kit (GR8BOX) Specifications

We reserve right to change the kit specifications without notice for the purpose of consumer experience improvement.

Component~ Qty Component~ Qty
Capacitors190 Connectors55
Semiconductors18 Integrated circuits103
Jumpers25 Crystal resonators6
Resistors106 Resistor packs20
Slots11 Sockets103
Other18 Total:655
Main board115.2 in²1 
Video board51.7 in²1 
  1172.2 in²
Z80 CPU board28.8 in²2 
Memory board28.8 in²2 
Slot board14.6 in²2 
Keyboard board3.3 in²2 
  277 in²
I/O board51.7 in²3 
GR8BUS adaptor board (2)6.5 in²3 
  367.2 in²

GR8BOX properties

W, cmL, cmH, cm(kg)


GR8BUS master board

GR8BUS master board is not intended to be assembled in the field. It introduces significant opportunities in extending the functionality of the GR8BIT platform, and provides huge field for learning and fun.

Implementations have tested to date:
GR8BUS master product is not provided within GR8BOX. It is separate product.

Certified devices

Description and link Owner(s) / Developer(s) Support condition
Nowind storage interface
The interface is an MSX cartridge that allows you to connect your MSX to a PC using a USB connection
Wilmans, J., Dekker, A. (NL) KB0002
Supported in the converter board and in the slot board

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