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What is GR8BIT?

GR8BIT is a do-it-yourself kit you together with your children assemble into the fully functional MSX computer. It's your product and success afterwards. After the completion, you and your kids will play simple exciting games free of violence and cruelty.

When market will realize the significance of hardware and recognize hardware design skills to be of great value, you and your children are going to be prepared for take over.

Successful completion of GR8BIT is uneasy endeavor. I am here to support you. There's GR8BIT community out there, speaking your native language.

GR8NET manual

GR8NET adapters are available: please send email to to get more details, stating your location, your relation to MSX and PCs you possess. It will help if you also give references within MSX community. To start right now - look through the manual, watch the videos on youtube, and ask questions at MRC. It is highly probable that there's happy GR8NET user in the location nearby!

Quick facts about GR8BIT: MSX • All required components are in the kit • Support from View Eugeny Brychkov, Ph.D.'s LinkedIn profileEugeny Brychkov • 226 pages of documentation with pictures • GR8BIT community speaks English, Japanese, Finnish, French, Dutch, Arabic and and Russian.

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